Suits & Sneakers

Suits & Sneakers

Suits & Sneakers

“I be on my suit & tie sh**, tie sh**” or better yet, Suit & Sneakers Shit!

We’ve seen this done a bit before and it was in full affect at the 2013 ESPYS. Can you really rock a full suit & sneakers? The short answer: Yes!

The most important things when rocking a full suit with sneakers is to make sure your kicks are super cool when they are alone fresh out the box. The kicks have to be stylish, whack sneakers won’t work. The second tip is make sure your sneakers are clean. You just cannot rock sloppy kicks and say, “I saw D-Wade do it and it’s cool.” No. Regardless of how fancy his kicks were they were clean, which made the outfit fresh and organized.

Rock the sneakers with your full suits when appropriate. It’s cool. I even do it.



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