Custom Clothing

Custom menswear is our specialty at Michael Ferrera Custom Clothing. Our Master tailors have over 40 years of experience and are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence in tailoring. Each one of our garments are hand constructed specifically with the client in mind.


We start by laying out the fabric you choose on a large table to complete a quality inspection of the fabric so that it is free from flaws when we begin construction. We then remove the fabric and begin drawing on paper the pattern dedicated to the specifications of your order. One thing that makes us unique is that we create an individual pattern for all of our clients, rather than off the rack where there is a base pattern that is just graded up or down to fit anyone. Although this step adds a bit of time, we believe it is important when creating the perfect silhouette for the perfect suit.


Once your pattern is created, it is then transferred on to the fabric with chalk and then hand-cut for precision. The pieces are laid out and then the construction begins. The construction process starts by hand sewing the interfacing and the lining in your garments. Afterwhich, we sew the pieces of the garment together to complete the product.


Finally, we hand-stitch the button holes, buttons, and other trimmings on your garment for the finishing touches. We do a final review of the construction for quality and your products are ready for delivery.



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Image Consulting

We understand that fashion, style, or simply getting dressed up comes differently to all men. Some men know which colors work well together, what style complements their body frames, when some men do not. This is why people hire image consultants, or as we like to call our members; style consultants.


As a participant with the world renowned image consulting association AICI, we have been trained with the skills to enhance your image strategically and professionally. In short, we teach people how to dress in order to attract more of what they what. If you want to dress better to generate more revenue, we’ll teach you. If you want to have more style to attract more women, we’ll teach. Attracting what you want by just how you dress is very strategic and with the right colors and styles, we are sure your image will be exactly what you desire.


Our process begins with a complimentary phone call to understand how we can help you and what you are looking for. We don’t short change you here. We give you real advice on this phone call based on the information you provide that you can implement immediately to enhance your style. Then if we need to, we get together, go shopping with you, or create custom clothes to accomplish your needs.


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Quite frankly we know that the wedding is all about the bride, but the groom and other gents should also be fresh!


At Michael Ferrera we specialize in image consulting for weddings for the perfect look on your wedding day along with custom made tuxedos, suits, vests, and all the trimmings to make you look great. Do you, or your bride, have a unique color or idea you would like to have on your wedding day? That’s exactly why we do custom. We custom make shirts with monograms, ties, and other accessories needed for the wedding day.


In addition, we also offer day-of-wedding services to assist with styling, adjusting those awkward bowties, lapel flowers, and just keeping all the gents in order and on time during this exciting day. We still have fun on this special day, but we also add our professionalism for that extra touch of fresh. Contact us to explore the idea of a custom tuxedos and consulting for your upcoming wedding.


If you’re a wedding planner, come partner with us. We do great work!



Workshops & Speaking

Have you ever been to one of our workshops or heard Michael Ferrera speak? If you have, we’re sure you would remember the experience and had a blast! Michael Ferrera is a candid, energetic, funny, motivation speaker that inspires his audience to achieve greatness in specific areas of their life.


Michael Ferrera’s workshops and presentations are live and interactive  to engage the audience to learn while having fun. Michael has been known to stand on tables, throw things across the room, get his audience up and dance all to express points and share valuable information on how personality plays an important roll in success.


Some of our workshops and presentations include dress for success, which we prefer to call Dressing for Opportunities. We believe that dressing up does not necessarily breed success, however, if you strategically dress for particular opportunities, we assure you more success with this presentation.


Another popular presentation we do is titled Communicating with Color . A presentation where we teach and share what you are actually saying to people, or how you make people feel with the colors you wear without verbally saying anything. This is a great one for CEOs, financial advisors, lawyers, consultants, and individuals that interact directly with people in their course of business. It’s the art of selling without selling and we teach you how to do it!


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Other Presentations

  • How to Attract your Intimate Mate
  • First Date Fresh: How to master & ace your first date
  • Corporate Swagger: How to have massive style in corporate America
  • Sales Force Training
  • Etiquette Courses: From shaking hands, opening doors and dining with the President

Fashion Stylist Pulls

Are you a fashion stylist responsible for making your clients look good on the red carpet? Or a stylist for fashion editorials? Come visit our showroom, meet us, and partner with us!


We have a boutique showroom in the heart of Los Angeles dedicated to the gentleman for all your menswear fashion needs. In our location that we call The Gents Closet, we offer a stylish array of suits, shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories ready to be pulled for you, your clients, fashion editorial, or film to make your project pop!


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